Draining Kiss: Blood Is Thicker

Gainesville's Quinn Martin aka Draining Kiss returns with new single, Blood Is Thicker, the title track of the project's new, sophomore EP of the same name. The entire release, previously introduced with tracks like Video Girl and Against the Light, goes into the intricate balance of contrasting elements such as light and dark, love and death, old and new, anger and longing, offering a sincere exploration of existential uncertainty, shadowy depths, and socioemotional challenges.

Blood Is Thicker is a darkwave track which finds Draining Kiss exploring the emotionality triggered by grappling with moral, religious, and political discord within the family domain. By merging biological and psychological reconciliation, the song navigates the dynamics between connection and disdain. Ultimately, it symbolizes a path of self-discovery which culminates in righteous indignation and embrace of one's truth.

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