Mayflower Madame: A Foretold Ecstasy

A Foretold Ecstasy is the first single from the anticipated third album by Norwegian band Mayflower Madame. The album which is set for release in Autumn 2024, was mixed and mastered by Italian engineer Maurizio Baggio (The Soft Moon, Boy Harsher, The Vacant Lots), and will be released digitally via their label Night Cult Records (Norway), on CD via Icy Cold Records (France), and on vinyl via Only Lovers Records (France) and Up In Her Room (UK). 

The moodiness which permeates their entire body of work is accentuated by the post punk, shoegaze, and alternative psychedelic rock sound that Mayflower Madame employs on this new track. In a distinct way, A Foretold Ecstasy contrasts feelings of elation and melancholy.

Mayflower Madame lead singer and songwriter Trond Fagernes says that the song is about "constantly chasing some elation or intoxicating sensation to relieve one’s inner turmoil, while still being aware that it's just a passing state followed by an inevitable downfall."

The accompanying video which emerges like a very creative manifestation of the music's intimacy, was directed by the band's frequent visual collaborator, Astrid Serck. 

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