Draining Kiss: Against the Light

Gainesville, Florida darkwave act, Draining Kiss helmed by musician Quinn Martin, unveils another track of gritty darkwave. Against the Light is the project's new offering, a vibrant and synth-driven number which playfully delves into existential themes.

"Do you truly love the darkness? Or are you just against the light?" Draining Kiss asks.

The song compelling concept explores the journey of embracing the darker aspects of life, from the genuine thrill of connecting with like-minded individuals to the inceptive awkwardness of trying too hard to be edgy, and ultimately, to introspective moments questioning one's motives and seeking balance.

Against the Light unfolds, the bridge repurposes the brooding synth elements which characterize the first half, presenting them in a wholly transformed manner, in a distinct way echoing the concept of the song through composition and structure.

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