Draining Kiss: Video Girl

Draining Kiss, the darkwave project by solo musician, Quinn Martin, based in Gainesville, Florida, has unveiled the new single, Video Girl. In this release, Draining Kiss focuses on a synthpop-based sound, tapping into Martin's eighties influences, and creating a piece which is infectious and dance-inducing, albeit with a dark thematic undercurrent.

Video Girl is based on a narrative of obsession in the contemporary age. Drawing inspiration from the true crime tale of Grant Amato, a Florida resident whose fixation on a cam girl led him down a disturbing path, the song inhabits a peculiar space, forming a rather unsettling and somewhat surreal atmosphere. Amato's story becomes the fuel for the song's lyrics, exploring the unsettling and tragic consequences of unchecked infatuation, over a dark and propulsive sonic profile.

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