Day & Dream: Security Blanket

Security Blanket is the opening track from the new album, The Art Of Remembering, by dreampop band, Day & Dream, which arrives on February 11th, 2022 though the Philippines-based label Lilystars Records. 

The Art Of Remembering is the anticipated follow up to Day & Dream's previous full length, With Every Breath You Die, from 2018, and it has been previously sampled through singles like Cabin Fever, Separation Anxiety and Rabbit Hole.

A dreamy opener, Security Blanket, is a whimsical representation of everyday worries, and a melodic cut in the band's characteristic compositional style.

In relation to the new single, Day & Dream unfold: "This song is about all of Abby’s fears. She often jokes she’s afraid of everything i.e. spiders, water, heights, winding roads, just to name a few… Abby holds on to her blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, our dog, for dear life when she’s scared – she’s a big kid – hence the title of the song."

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