Arcem: Beyond and Above Our Heads is a Life Unattainable

Post metal band Arcem deliver their strong debut full length, An Amalgamation of Loss, Defeat, and Renewal, which right off the bat seems like a merging of negativity and purification, and it's undoubtedly an undertaking of skilled musical expedition and tremendous intensity.

Gloomy and hefty with plenty of instrumental muscle, Arcem's debut fills the void left by the absence or infrequent presence of genre leaders like Neurosis and Isis, and seems like a strong breath of new air to the style, starting from heavy shoegaze and oftentimes reaching the boundaries of extreme death metal. Every track on the new album is impeccably constructed, displaying superb musical craftmanship while communicating sentiments of melancholy and darkness in a truly fascinating manner. In a nutshell, it's a triumph for the emergent outfit, and a very immersive listen overall.

Beyond and Above Our Heads is a Life Unattainable is one of the album's less lengthy endeavors, and a piece of more lively and vibrant heaviness, with its atmospheric characteristics still playing a prominent part.

Dave Mckie, Scott Kooima, Matthew Pressel, and Babe Woodward make up Arcem, a group of experienced musicians who have been playing music in the wider Midwest area for over twenty years.

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