Jules Maxwell: Deeper Sleeper

Deeper Sleeper is the first single from Cycles, the new album by composer and multi-instrumentalist Jules Maxwell who has also been the touring keyboard player with the great Dead Can Dance for many years. A nearly meditative, hypnotic piece with a tranquil and enveloping piano pattern, the track gradually and persistently grows like the score of a dark indie film, and it comes with a mesmerizing video displaying a snail shot in his garden.

Maxwell explains: “Working with Dead Can Dance for the past decade has taught me a lot about composition. Brendan and Lisa’s music is dense and poetic, but actually at its core it is constructed from beautifully simple strands. Like life. In my opinion that is why people can identify with it. Simplicity for me as a composer is the Holy Grail. I have spent my whole career trying to simplify and distill ideas to their essence, and allow my music to breathe.

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