The Genevieves: Nothing Happened / Words

The Genevieves are an emerging Australian band which has recently unveiled their debut two-song release, creating an engaging sound, blending elements from noise rock, shoegaze, and dreampop. They independently recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered the release, resulting in a remarkable and promising outcome.

Nothing Happened was recorded a few months ago in an Airbnb converted into a makeshift studio. They describe: "We've been playing around Adelaide, our home town, for a few months and this is our first proper recorded release. It also happens to be the first song we wrote collaboratively as a band with all of us contributing equally to the song."

Nothing Happened exudes a classic shoegaze way, with its rich and fuzzy sound which remains incredibly melodic and magnetic.

Words takes a more angular and aggressive approach, drawing from the band's noise rock and post punk influences. Its lyrics touch on the desire to take action contrasted with the inability to initiate, and the band's passionate delivery is juxtaposed with an oddly approachable quality, as the track builds up to an engaging peak.

The Genevieves have undoubtedly delivered an impressive two-song release which deserves attention and is likely to turn heads their way.

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