Neighbours Burning Neighbours: Neil Young

Rotterdam-based quartet Neighbours Burning Neighbours is back with Neil Young, their latest single in a while. The band is gearing up to release their debut album in September 2024.

The new song has an interesting origin story. During the band's performance at Noch Besser Leben in Leipzig as part of their MENT 2020 tour, a couple of intoxicated hecklers created a commotion, shouting relentlessly even after they had left the stage. Amidst their drunken ramblings, one particular sentence caught the band's attention: "Neil Young is killing me..." These words stuck with the group and became a sort of catchphrase throughout the remainder of the tour, ultimately inspiring a fully developed song.

Neil Young is a dynamic and assertive piece which challenges the prevailing standards and expectations regarding behavior for different genders, questioning what is considered acceptable for one gender while being frowned upon or even illegal for another. The track displays the band's unconventional approach to noise rock and post punk and is accompanied by a visually great music video directed, filmed, and edited by Charlotte Brand.

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