The Album Leaf: Prologue to Epilogue: One Act Leads to Another

The very productive experimental/electronic musician, The Album Leaf from Los Angeles, has recently unveiled Future Falling, the highly anticipated new album, which marks the project's first collection of original compositions since the very well-received 2016 record, Between Waves. This excludes The Album Leaf's many notable soundtracks and re-releases.

The short film Prologue to Epilogue: One Act Leads to Another, featuring the album tracks, Prologue and Epilogue, arrives together with the full length's release. The film was directed by the musician's partner, Kate Trumbull-LaValle, a Peabody award-winning filmmaker, and was conceived and filmed in collaboration with cinematographer Helki Frantzen and edited by Helena Rodriguez. 

The video is a slow and contemplative exploration of various subjects like grief, isolation, love and nearby topics. It takes inspiration from the opening and closing tracks of the album and incorporates footage of individuals who have experienced both heartbreak and affection, including friends and family.

Kate comments: “Water becomes the connective tissue that binds these images together. Water like grief can overwhelm us, and water like love, reminds us to breathe.

The Album Leaf's Jimmy LaValle explains: “I didn’t want a conventional music video. Kate and I talked about collaborating on a video that included more than one song, and her idea to create a contemplative piece filmed underwater about grief and love spoke to me. I’ve lost many friends since making this record, and the imagery of suffocation and release invites me to sit with all those complicated feelings. And it also shines a light on how important my family and loved ones are.

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