Cuffed: Possessed

CUFFED is a project created by Tyler "Fournames" Fortney, a versatile musician with a goal of defying conformity while paying homage to the music of his younger years. The musician, who is originally from Los Angeles, immerses himself in his distinctive artistic world by incorporating elements of new wave, gothic rock, and post-punk to produce a sound that mirrors his lifelong inspirations and his individual musical experimentation.

For Tyler "Fournames" Fortney, a musician with two decades of experience, embarking on his solo career, the music of CUFFED serves as a therapeutic outlet. Throughout his career, Fortney has collaborated with renowned artists like The Neighbourhood, She Wants Revenge, Daniel Ash, Mark Hoppus, and Scarypoolparty, among others. For the new project, Fortney decided to use his creative platform to express raw and authentic emotions, channeling his inner struggles into the music. 

The debut single, Possessed, embodies the essence of Los Angeles after nightfall, depicted through the perspective of a night owl fascinated by the city's turbulent and mysterious underworld.

In Possessed we inhabit the skin of one who is aching to submit; dying to give themself in mind, body and soul to the chaos that inhabits the back alleys and basements of Los Angeles, and what that person might find if they look in the right places.

Possessed is out through DUNE ALTAR.

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