The Album Leaf: Prologue

Prominent musician Jimmy LaValle aka The Album Leaf has spent the last seven years concentrating on the tight schedules associated with scoring films and working with apps like Calm, letting the rough concept of the 'next record' to expand on with over 200 demos written, and a large number of album ideas conceived before the ten final tracks that make up FUTURE FALLING eventually stood out.

Prologue, the album's opening track and final single, has a strong cinematic feel and features the artist's distinctive experimental ambient electronic style.

Jimmy LaValle comments: "Prologue is a new beginning. The tonal idea started with an unused noise pad I made for a film I was working on and paired with a simple Buchla loop. There isn’t much to prologue with instrumentation, but the musical journey weaves us through chaos culminating in some sort of peace. The irony of this is I wrote this song on March 5th, 2020. One week before we shut down. Some sort of premonition of what was to come."

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