Devin Sarno x Máté Tulipán: Sound Study Thirteen

Sound Study Thirteen is a distinct piece of music created through the collaborative file-sharing project initiated by composer Devin Sarno. As the thirteenth installment in this ongoing series, the track exhibits Sarno's dedication to exploring new sonic territories, and insistence on pushing the limits of musical expression.

For Sound Study Thirteen, Sarno joined forces with Máté Tulipán, a Hungarian experimental musician. Tulipán contributed a range of loops and sources which served as the foundation for the piece, anchoring it in a specific sonic landscape.

Through their collaboration, Sarno and Tulipán were able to summon a rich and immersive sonic experience which amends the boundaries of time and space. The result is a haunting composition; an invitation to the depths of the two artist's imagination, and their collective realm of sound.

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