D//E Premiere: Night Movies: Once around the Sun

Once Around the Sun is the atmospheric new tune from London's Night Movies, taken from the album Dreamish which will be released on Soundmaker Records on August 5th, 2022. It follows the previous double A-side single, Begin Again / No Temple.

The song is described by Night Movies as "a downtempo style bounce." It's a work of grand magnitude which sets off the new album with a punch and began as a phasing piece in the style of Steve Reich, while its title fitted itself to the song's grandeur and its distinctive moving character.

Night Movies provide a lot of information on the song's technical properties. The song's core is built up from two performances of the Korg Monologue synth, one set against the other. Various components of hardware and samples were employed as percussion (including 808s, PO-16s, Prefuse 73 samples, and Volca FM). In the studio, a buildup of amp feedback was produced, with Night Movies frequently opting to employ true hardware and studio recording methods instead of creating everything in the box, and there was no usage of midi. In addition, a sample from the late producer SOPHIE is implemented to tremendous atmospheric effect.

Night Movies uphold a resourceful and all-around winning combination between dreamy electronica, film music, post rock, and trip hop, sounding incredibly artful without overloading the craft with excessively peculiar ways of experimentation.

Once Around the Sun comes with a mind-bending visual directed by Grain Freeze.

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