Museum of Light: Soft Openings

Museum Of Light is a heavy rock trio from Seattle, Washington, composed of Rob Smith, Ted Alvarez and Ezekiel Rudick. The band's debut album, Horizon, is scheduled to come out on June 10th, 2022 through Spartan Records.

First single, Soft Openings, enters with a dense approach to song structure, and finds the band expertly swinging between heavy post rock, grunge, doom, and progressive metal tones. Despite being only three and a half minutes in length, the song gives the sense of of something grander owing to its atmospheric overlays and overarching moody impression.

The song, recorded and mixed by Scott Evans at Sharkbite & Antisleep in Oakland and mastered by Carl Saff, offers a clear indication of the melodic eminence and directness for which the band strives, and succeeds in effortlessly luring the listener in.

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