D//E Premiere: Night Movies: Begin Again

Night Movies, once an experimental bedroom project, are now a complete recording band with guest musicians from the London scene and beyond, and they prepare for the release of their new double A-side single, Begin Again / No Temple.

Begin Again includes vocals by Lyndsey Lupe, formerly of Arrows of Love, and drumming by Chris Prendergast (Big Pink, The Kooks, Alex Clare), and it will be out digitally on March 11th, 2022 via the band's own Soundmaker Records.

The new song sways with dark energy and carries cinematic qualities, combining the atmospherics of nineties electronica and trip hop with the assertiveness of contemporary post punk and the unpredictable nature of experimental music.

The project's own Frederick Fuller comments on the new release: "These songs go back far, and will seem a distance from recent Night Movies output, but are important to the project as the song Begin Again is the first idea we worked on. The beginnings of Night Movies started as a bedroom project in cold winter 2015 with my late friend and producer Pete Morrow. What is now Begin Again started as feedback loops and a desire to record live drums and play in a style somewhat similar to John Lydon’s P.I.L."

The more aggressive and industrial-tinged, No Temple, has equal atmospheric characteristics while showing a completely different facet of Night Movies' sound.

Fuller continues: "Taking live drum recordings of Ralph Fuller (Kurtz) produced by Pete, I pieced together the song over a couple of years, didn’t veer far from my initial idea but essentially I had to learn how to record through making the music in various London studios, including one we built upstairs at the Black Heart pub, one of London’s best metal venues, where I made No Temple. 

"Most of the beginnings with Pete have been lost. Loop pedal improvisations and noises, but his drum recording of Ralph from Begin Again lives on in many of the Night Movies songs."

Photo courtesy of Night Movies

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