Spunsugar: Belladonna

Following Happier Happyless and Run, new track Belladonna is the third single off Drive-Through Chapel, the anticipated debut album by Swedish shoegazers, Spunsugar, expected out on October 2nd, 2020 through Adrian Recordings.

Belladonna comes very much affecting and musically easy to take in, yet, its harsh subject is a direct opposite to the smooth tunefulness that the song carries. The band call it "a nice sing-a-long song about questions about whether those suicidal thoughts are hereditary or if you’re just depressed because you’ve seen your parent not wanting to live anymore. About not feeling that you’re worthy of love."

The new single also becomes the first to exhibit the vocal abilities of bassist Felix Sjöström who sings the chorus together with lead singer Elin Ramsted. Furthermore, there are moments where all three members harmonize at the same time, developing into a piece with crystal clear pop sensibilities, still, immensely dark.

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