Wichswut: WXWT

WXWT, the new EP by the Berlin-based post punk quartet, Wichswut, follows their self-titled EP from 2017, and comes forth with the same kind of dark menace and energy which attracted attention the band's way the first time around.

Opening cut, Menu Total, draws inspiration from a commendable source to essentially become something with a substance entirely of its own. The song is inspired by the 1985 movie of the same name, starring Helge Schneider and directed by Christoph Schlingensief; a dark and deviant experimental film with no linear narrative, bearer of unfathomable gloom, and themed on the perpetually gripping concept of revenge.

The five additional pieces which round out WXWT bring about a winsome set of songs, all dense and especially well produced, as well as indicative of the band's nerve and maturity, making much more sense as a unit instead of individual singles.

Further highlights include Huri, a jangly and lively post punk standout which appears veritably memorable, and shows how the band is more than capable of coming up with something more accessible and easier to digest, while closing track, All My Friends Are Alcoholics, impresses not only for its pompous title, but also for its ability to enamour the listener with its immediacy and its almost danceable, spasmodic punk mettle.

In between, the krautrock-bent Speed of Sound and Submarino show the band's intentions to cross boundaries and experiment with more ambitious sounds. On the other hand, the steadier Freak Eye seems to be a successful exploration of clean lines and monotony.

Often detached, sometimes murkier and extra cold, many times a bit more colorful, but constantly sharp and daring, WXWT, is a firm new release from the experimental punk collective, and a solid return.

WXWT is out now on Music’s Not For Everyone.

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