Spunsugar: Happier Happyless

Since their first offerings from last year Malmö's Spunsugar have been making a fine name for themselves based on their gritty and fuzzy, guitar-driven shoegaze sound, and they have left behind a four track EP which overflowed with promise.

The band's new single, Happier Happyless, unveils a bit of a different direction for the band, one that leans toward a darker style of electronica and industrial, yet, the shoegaze groundwork that turned heads their way in the first place is still present and recognizable, only a bit subtler and more elusive.

"Happier Happyless is a sour and sweet song, tackling subjects of pining, happiness and revenge," Spunsugar describe. "Having a fittingly slower pace than former Spunsugar singles, this song is also an homage to the shunned 2001 slasher movie Valentine, released a little too late in the post-Scream era. Written with the aim to have \a memorable hook, a thumping synth bass line and a gazey chorus' this is a good introduction to the bands debut album, because of the constant switching of emotional tonality."

Drive-Through Chapel, Spunsugar coming debut full length, is expected out later in 2020 via Adrian Recordings.

Artist photo by Charlie Wedin

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