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The Night We Raise, the sophomore album by Philadelphia synthpop duo, Korine, has been out for a couple of weeks, and it's has made some very strong first impressions, having produced a few very engaging singles, while it's shown the band's cognizance of a modernized new wave sound, superb production and gripping songwriting.

Korine's own Morgy Ramone discusses the new album, the band's origin and more.

How did Korine come to be? 

We both worked at a crappy cafe in university city— we had a lot in common when it came to taste in music and art. Trey had helped me record some songs in the past and from there we started writing together.

How important is the DIY mentality to your art? 

It’s not only important, it is essential. If one doesn’t have the funds (especially at first) it’s gonna be difficult to find a graphic designer or videographer etc. Doing it yourself not only allows one to learn a skill, but also gives the artistic rein.

What is the creative process usually like? 

When we write songs it usually starts with a simple kinda beat and then we just expand from there. I feel like the creative process—-whether we acknowledge it or not, is always happening. Songs are a way to let those ideas and feelings go.

How important is it to you to handle as much as you can yourselves, like the visuals and the art related to your music? 

It’s important because it’s all interconnected. I feel like the visual aspect helps make sense of the music on some level.

What kind of ideas usually prompt the lyrics for the songs? What are some of the themes of your music? 

I like to write from different perspectives and in snippets of things I’ve experienced. Sometimes I try to evoke a specific feeling—sad yet triumphant? I don't know.

How different is the new album compared to New Arrangements

I’d like think TNWR is a natural progression from the previous album. I feel like our sound is more dialed in this time around. We’re always striving to make the next thing we do better than the last.

How long has it been since you played live? Have you adjusted to the new restrictive standards yet? 

We last played live in March on a spring tour that we had to cancel a few dates in. Lately, we have been streaming on Twitch. We love playing shows and miss it dearly but it’s more important to remain patient and safe.

Those who haven't been to one of your shows yet, what should they be expecting from Korine's live act? 

A very stimulating experience :)

Are there plans for any remixes of song's from the new album, like the ones released from New Arrangements

No plans yet but we may explore that idea at a later date.

What are you currently listening to mostly? 

We both listen to all kinds of stuff——recently we made Spotify mixes of songs we’ve been liking,

Trey Mix 

Morgy Mix 

What comes next for the band after the album's release? 

Everything depends on the state of the world really—it’s hard to make sense in an uncertain future. My hope is for us to play outside of the country one day--- touring in Europe would be surreal. Right now though, we’ll have to wait and see.

The Night We Raise is out now via Born Losers Records (US) and Data Airlines (EU).

Korine photos courtesy of Terrorbird Media

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