Wax Chattels: Efficiency

New Zealand post punk band, Wax Chattels, recently introduced their coming second album, Clot, with the lively first single, No Ties, which they now follow with new track and visual for the song Efficiency, another piece of post punk and synthpunk darkness with an industrial feel and an existentially biting message, while the band thrive in all their coarseness once again.

The band's own, Peter Ruddell describes the song: "Efficiency is about the frustration felt when you force yourself to bite your tongue, instead of escalating uncomfortable conversations into confrontations. It's about biding your time, finding the right time and place to express your concerns — and with this song, it's about coming to the bleak realisation that, more often than not, nothing will ever change."

Clot releases September 25th, 2020, through two reliable imprints, Captured Tracks and Flying Nun.

Video directed, filmed and edited by Ezra Simons

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