Wax Chattels: No Ties

New Zealand's Wax Chattels will be following their self-titled album from 2018 with Clot, their sophomore LP which comes out September 25th, 2020, through Captured Tracks/Flying Nun, and it's introduced with the terrific first single, No Ties.

The new song is a radical post punk piece which puts forward singer and bassist Amanda Cheng's personal narrative as a first generation immigrant, being Hoklo Taiwanese.

"Being a first generation immigrant, I’ve never had a personal connection with my extended family," Cheng comments. "There’s an incomparable loneliness rooted in this — I think the weight of parental sacrifice and cultural estrangement is difficult for other Kiwis to understand. No Ties comes from these frustrations, and the helpless desperation of watching the present-day political confrontations in my other, would-have-been, home."

In just two minutes the song's post punk steadfastness and its industrial overtones can be rather convincing, much like the bold artistic direction of the colorless accompanying clip.

Video directed by Josh Burgess

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