in:tides: Silent Dusk

Glasgow's instrumental post rockers, in:tides, return with their first new music since their 2016 single, Surges. The band's new, four-song EP, Silent Dusk, was just released, including some of their most realized and compelling work so far.

Between 2014 and 2016 in:tides put out a couple of singles and a very much auspicious debut EP, and their well crafted sound lingers somewhere between the mellowness of pg.lost and the cinematic atmospheric of Yndi Halda, offsetting fragility with determination, and gentleness with strength.

The mood establishing opener, First Light, shows the band's capabilities of maintaining a fine emotional balance, while the driving and more expansive, A Reverie, follows a more upbeat path to the overall wistfulness of the EP's first few minutes. Record highlight, Endless Storm, exhibits its instrumental adventurousness by winking at shoegaze as well as heavier sounds which often verge subtly on post metal, and EP closer, Missing Page, seems to be transforming from an unobtrusive, melodious cut to something rather resolute by crescendoing in a totally organic manner.

in:tides reappear in the post rock world, all enlivened, carrying fine ideas, yet, their impressibility lies in the fact that they sound natural and unprocessed, both in the way they compose and perform.

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