Caress: Dancing Barefoot

LA's rising dark synthpop artist, Caress, treats an alternative rock standard her own unique way, and its hazy synthpop moodiness results in one of the most interesting versions the song has seen in a very long time. Patti Smith's 1979 classic, Dancing Barefoot, has been covered by a big array of artists in the past, from The Feelies, The Mission and Xymox to more mainstream versions like those by U2 and Simple Minds.

"Like most artists during this global pandemic, I've turned to writing music as a release," says Tara Jane, the sole individual behind the Caress moniker. "Isolating alone in my apartment with aching nostalgia I've had the chance to go back to some of my musical roots. Patti Smith has always been a huge influence on me as a creative person. She has a way of turning these extremely mundane experiences like drinking coffee or any standard American holiday into these existential and personal pieces of art. I think in times like these where a lot of us creatively are being forced into these overall surreal; yet extremely mundane experience's we can find inspiration in this. Dancing Barefoot is my homage, definitely one of her more ethereal songs. I'm really in love with retro gear and sounds, I record with vintage 80's synths and all analog. I thought I would bring some dark wave flair into this song with ethereal synth layers and brooding reverb drenched guitar."

Caress' rendition of Dancing Barefoot follows the artist's very promising debut single, Love, from last November, and it's out now through Dune Altar.

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