Weathering: Blue Dress

After their very fine debut EP, I Come Down, and their recent split with Ease, Sacramento shoegazers Weathering are about to put out another seven-inch, which like the aforementioned releases will arrive through Sunday Drive Records.

On the new EP the band will be presenting their own unique rendition on Blue Dress, a classic album cut from Depeche Mode's 1990 album, Violator. The new version sounds fairly faithful to the original, yet, its emphasis on a dreampop, shoegaze and post rock leaning sound gives the composition new substance, and offers an entirely new take that complements the synthpop standard which oddly enough hasn't been covered many times. Vocalist Elinor Carbone's clean and congenial delivery lurks close by Martin Gore's dramatic tenor and plain lyricism, in something that ultimately seems acutely metamorphosed to fit Weathering's sound and style.

Chimera B​/​W Blue Dress releases September 24th, 2020.


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