Suburban Living: Dirt

One month ahead of the release of their third album, How to Be Human, Philadelphia's Suburban Living reveal a new and final single, Dirt. How to Be Human comes out in its entirety on August 28th, 2020 through Egghunt Records.

A little more approachable than the dreampop sophistication of the band's immediately previous singles, Dirt still appears elegant enough, and a little world-weary, while it carries comfortably its polished production, and an overall familiar sound which turns to good account its refined influences.

"'Dirt' is there, everywhere," a statement from the band proclaims. "You walk on it, you get it in your shoes, hands when you fall down, and it gives life to plants and vegetation. When we die, our body returns to the Dirt. Thus, it is part of our very precarious cycle of life, and we are part of it. The song studies a relationship in which a once heated affair now goes cold, and the protagonist finds himself grasping at straws, a feeling that all of us can identify with. But in the end, can the lover who has moved on, take the protagonist just a little bit as her 'Dirt' and keep him as part of her organic self? Would this be enough to ease the pain...."


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