Charleston Swing: Pipsqueak

It would be a good bet to not expect such heaviness and death metal aggression from a band that carries the name Charleston Swing, yet, the New York-based quartet delivers in ferocity and sounds incredibly technical, sharp and full of expression, prevailing over the basics of metalcore. Charleston Swing's newest single, Pipsqueak, comes with a very much imaginative, horror-themed video directed by Adam Chhab.

"Pipsqueak explores the consciousness of an individual with depression," the band explain the song and video's aim. "The character Pipsqueak is depression personified, manifested into a physical form. As things begin he has a strong influence over our protagonist, Russell. He endures and grapples with the weight of Pip’s constant presence and tormenting nature."

Pipsqueak follows Charleston Swing's impressive debut, Pharaoh Decapitated, from 2018, and raises the bar even higher for the rising band.


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