Pale Honey: Killer Scene

Swedish alternative rock duo, Pale Honey, release another single and specimen from their forthcoming third full length expected later in 2020. Following Set Me Free from last October, Killer Scene draws inspiration from the violence in Quentin Tarantino's films, while paying homage to Queens Of The Stone Age through its title, and despite the enigmatic and dark nature of its lyrical content, it instantly appears like one of the band's most approachable pieces to date.

"Killer Scene probably takes us back to the beginning of our musical endavours and has this magical playfulness to it," the band's own Nelly Daltrey remarks. "The lyrics wrapped it up as a favourite, I refused to believe in the song until the mad rows of the text about a killer came about. In my head working on the artwork was like putting the angel of death together with my cozy big white sweater and an undead from WoW. I run with a no pants policy at home where I draw so I really live in that sweater. I should have bought more of them."


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