MEDal: Wanna Feel Good

New Zealand post punk band, MEDal, may have just released their debut full length, Replica, yet, their three members are by no means new to the post punk and underground alternative rock business.

Dave Mulcahy, Mark Whyte and John Billows have been members of bands like Superette, Jean-Paul Sartre Experience, The Renderers, Into the Void, Dark Matter, SexyAnimals  and many more, and have released music through the legendary Australian labels like Flying Nun and Mushroom Records, as well as the US-based Ba Da Bing, 3 Beads of Sweat and Last Visible Dog among others.

The relentless Wanna Feel Good kicks off the band's album to a very dynamic start, bringing together post punk with noise rock and krautrock, and sounding like a vital mixture made from the spikiness of Suicide, APTBS, and Metz, all sheathed in an absorbing way of instrumentation and production, and coming together with a brilliant video of eye popping, animated visuals.

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