Bathe Alone: In Deep

Multi-instrumentalist Bailey Crone from Atlanta, Georgia writes and records a warm and balmy style of shoegaze and dreampop under the moniker Bathe Alone. Primarily a classically trained musician, Crone was won over by the motifs and aesthetics of bedroom pop, and has already released a series of notable singles, formerly as Bathe, and later as Bathe Alone with the assistance of producer Damon Moon whom she met through her other project, Mango Cat.

Bathe Alone's newest release, In Deep, follows the recent singles Champagne and Calm Down which were the first examples of her first commercial full length, Last Looks, expected later in 2020. It's an easily memorable dreampop cut which draws inspiration from the eighties and the genre's more approachable facet, and flaunts her splendid songwriting style, as well as the acuity in Moon's production.

"I wanted this song to be an unapologetic song in it's aesthetic and even in the lyrics," the artist shares. "Lyrically, the song is about a relationship that has been brought to fruition only to be deteriorated, and what it feels like to lose everything that's been worked for. Depending on if you hear the song in first person or in third person, the lyrics can be completely spiteful, or self-loathing. But that's what I love about writing in the vague, is it allows the listener to chose which side to put themselves on in the story."

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