Pale Honey: Set Me Free

Swedish indie pop duo, Pale Honey, returns with the first specimen off their upcoming third album, this time taking a groovier direction and maintaining a very nice balance between dance pop and alternative rock. Set Me Free is subtly evocative of both the nineties and the eighties, but emerges stoutly like the sharp, contemporary indie cut that it is.

Songwriter and guitarist, Tuva Lodmark, describes the new song: "To me, the song symbolizes the emotions following a recent break-up. I was pissed and bitter, and at the same time regretful and sad. There was also an energy in me that was about to explode. I couldn’t be still, couldn’t sit at home, I had to go out and constantly meet new people. Everything had to happen, and it needed to happen all at once. The danceable element of the song represents the stage in a separation where you’re rediscovering yourself. Or simply going out into the night and not getting home until dawn."

Drummer, Nelly Daltrey, calls Set Me Free "a lead track about freeing yourself from others’ comments and opinions." She is also responsible for the single's cover art, and reveals that the intent was for her to "portray different forms of what Pale Honey is." She adds: "At the time, I actually just wanted to sit by myself and create something without showing it to anyone. But I feel like the illustrations found their way into the music. They are a tribute to everyone I look up to."

Like their previous outings, the forthcoming album by Pale Honey was produced by Anders Lagerfors, and it will come out early 2020 through Bolero Records.


Cover art by Nelly Daltrey

Artist photo by Jasmin Storch

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