Ganser: Emergency Equipment and Exits

Another track has been revealed off the anticipated second album by Chicago's Ganser which is shaping up to be a worthy successor to their splendid debut, Odd Talk. The forthcoming Just Look at That Sky will be out July 31st, 2020 on Felte, and Emergency Equipment and Exits is the newest single off it, accompanied by a video with a strong cinematic feel directed by the band.

Driving post punk with pop sensibilities, excellent performances and piercingly sharp production are the main ingredients found in most of Ganser's offerings thus far, and the new single is not an exception,. This one comes with a very much intriguing twist halfway, turned toward a more distorted and melodious direction, and similarly the video goes through different environments as it follows the song's structure; from the intimacy of the room where the band performs to the more impersonal surroundings of inner city Chicago, to the organic charm of a beautiful swamp.

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