BUG: Happy pills

BUG is an underrated Austrian noise rock group with an impressive set on nine records under their belt, and a lot of experience dating back to 1997. The band has shared stages with a few of the finest in underground music such as Flipper, Unsane, Oxbow, Zeni Geva, Okkultukrati, Keelhaul, Made Out of Babies, Against Me and many more. Their new album, Nunc finis, was just released, and its opening track, Happy Pills, shows the band's tendency toward a extremely heavy and madly intense noise rock sound,

BUG's background, the experimental quality of their songwriting, as well as their particularly heavy and cacophonous approach to noise rock, result to a distinctive musical style, and they are efficient attributes which could have already established the band as a headlining and overall leading act in the scene, but their DIY mentality and ethos have kept them as a stable underground presence.

"Global warming. Trump. Corona virus. New normal. We are living in interesting times. It is one minute before midnight on the doomsday watch," the band describe their new album. "Nunc finis means end of time, end times or end now. And if you buy the ticket, you gonna take the ride."

Cover art by EMB

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