City Of Industry: I Digress

Hardcore punk heavy hitters, City Of Industry, return with a new EP composed of two tracks, the brilliant original, I Digress, and a cover of Pixies' classic, Gouge Away.

The new pair of songs was recorded by Terry Paulson at Uberbeatz Studios, and mixed and mastered by the great Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden, and it once more affirms our hunch from our first encounters with the band in 2018, that this is shaping up as something really special not only for hardcore and crust punk, but heavy music in general.

I Digress is a two-minute blow to the mind established on direct riffs, earsplitting vocals and existentially dreadful lyrics, and accounts the Seattle band's dynamism and creativity going off the charts, while the possibility of a coming full length is very likely looking and longed-for at the moment.

I Digress EP is out now via Amerikan Aesthetics.

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