worriedaboutsatan: Dawn (ambient edit)

The ever prolific and enchantingly named worriedaboutsatan will be releasing his upcoming seventh album, Time Lapse, on May 8th, 2020 through the eclectic electronic music label n5MD. Moving the project forward as a solo endeavor after the departure of his creative partner, Thomas Ragsdale, Bradford, UK artist, Gavin Miller, has come up with a new set of tracks that showcase his coalescent, broad-minded electronica which pulls from ambient, techno, and post rock to culminate in something expressly inventive.

The ambient edit of Dawn presents the album's opening ten-minute piece in a more concise rendition, stripped from the lush 808 glimmers, and on the lines of worriedaboutsatan's post rock facet. Both versions of the track are clearly complementary to each other, and expose Miller's vision for the new album which already feels like a bold continuation of the project's growth.

Notably, Time Lapse, includes some of the first material written for worriedaboutsatan as a solo project.

Cover photo by John Banks

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