Picture One: Winter's Kiss

Following Cycle of Belief and Love Spell, new single Winter's Kiss becomes the third and final offering by Atlanta-based underground act, Picture One, ahead of the release of the full length, Across The Depths of Seven Lakes. The project led by Thomas Barnwell is still on the rise and moving upwards.

The latest track follows a fairly different path from the coldness and darkness of the previous singles, still heavily leaning on eighties new wave, this time though the songwriting approach seems more accessible and easier to take in, even for the uninitiated. With an equally simple concept dealing with one's connection with creativity in relation to concealing for the winter, the song feels like the most candid of the album's three pieces unveiled so far.

Across The Depths of Seven Lakes comes out in its entirety on April 3rd, 2020 via Thomas Barnwell's own imprint Deanwell Global Music.

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