Picture One: Cycle of Belief

Across The Depths of Seven Lakes is the upcoming album by the Atlanta-based project, Picture One, helmed by singer-songwriter Thomas Barnwell who heavily and smartly borrows from new wave and post punk to achieve his own, individual, magnetic and conspicuous synthpop sound, all self-written and self-produced.

Having previously cut his teeth experimenting with other genres, involved with bands like the indie rockers The Orphins and the dance punks Thy Mighty Contract, and as a film composer together with friend Ian Deaton, Barnwell also records as Picture One since 2014, while he also runs the reissue record label,  Deanwell Global Music.

Cycle of Belief finds the artist flirting with the bleaker side of his creativity, and becomes the first example of an album abounding with intrigue and glowing with a synthpop radiance akin to that of Gary Numan and Human League, while a post punk dimness makes its presence felt constantly. The song is lyrically heavy and inspiring, connecting the dots between one's ideas and how fate is associated to them, something apparently poignant and expressive of Picture One's existentialist side.

Across The Depths of Seven Lakes releases April 3rd, 2020 via Deanwell Global Music.

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