Secret Shame: Dark (Lena Machina Acoustic)

With remixes from XOR, SKNQTR and None of Your Concern previously unveiled, Secret Shame's Dark Synthetics Remix EP is finally out in its entirety, featuring new versions of the songs that composed the band's breakthrough debut from St. Sol, Kangarot, Interstitia, Michael R. Myers, Lommol, as well as an acoustic rendition of standout track, Dark, by the band's own, Lena Machina.

The nine song release offers insight on the many alternative facets of Secret Shame's sound and songwriting which range from fully loaded industrial and electronica to completely stripped down rendition like Lena's take on Dark.

At the same time Dark Synthetics releases on vinyl for the first time, with its purchase coming with a free digital copy of the fresh remix EP. Apparently Secret Shame had to cancel their March/April tour in support of the vinyl release, but the music is still going round.

Cover art by Lena Machina

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