Picture One: Love Spell

Love Spell becomes the second piece revealed off the upcoming album, Across The Depths of Seven Lakes by Atlanta's Picture One, following the pretty bleak, Cycle of Belief. This time around Thomas Barnwell's songwriting follows a more memorable and accessible path, as the new song positively resembles classic, dark-tinged new wave, while its poetic lyrics are again a standout point.

The new song breaks down the idea of true love, and how it comes to light through more transcendental and advanced experiences, all in a more open-minded and unrestricted sense.

Once more, Picture One, brings together coldwave and post punk sounds into something exquisite and emotional, yet, strangely approachable, and the coming album is certainly coming along as something for which to look out.

Across The Depths of Seven Lakes releases April 3rd, 2020 via Deanwell Global Music.

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