Kwoon: Alaska

Enthusiasts of underground post rock should be remembering Kwoon for their fantastic 2006 debut album, Tales & Dreams, which earned them their very first acclaim, and introduced the Parisian act to the world. Fourteen years later the band's catalog counts one more full length and an EP both worth exploring. The enigmatic group have just returned with their first new piece in a very long while.

Alaska is an atmospheric and ambient-bent seven-minute track overflowing with post rock consonance, and indicative of the French band's poignancy which still holds strong after all these years. It's a touching and affecting instrumental which marks a very much welcome return, raising hopes for another album, and once more showing Kwoon's ability to balance frailty and overemotionalism with confidence and resolution.

Kwoon have befittingly drawn comparison to Sigur Rós, Explosion In The Sky and other post rock stalwarts in times past, still, their warm sound can be very much distinctive to those who bother listening a bit more deliberately.


Cover art by Stéphane Berla

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