The Faces Of Sarah: All That Is Divine

Underrated goth rockers from Liverpool, UK, The Faces of Sarah, are still alive and kicking, celebrating the twentieth anniversary of their debut album, 24, which is now re-released and remastered by Welsh independent label, Aonair Records.

With a sound akin to the dark hard rock zest of The Sisters Of Mercy, Fields Of The Nephilim, The Mission and the like, The Faces of Sarah have gone through lineup changes and extensive breaks over the years, and they have put out three albums thus far, with their latest, Memorium, released in 2019, as well as several EP and single releases. The band's earlier material showed impressive and strong indications of their capabilities back in the day, and the critical acclaim which followed affirmed the appeal of their sharp sound and songwriting. Both 24 and the Misery Turns EP which followed were excellent examples of gothic rock melodiousness and strength, competent enough to engross both underground and mainstream audiences.

All That Is Divine is the dramatic opener of 24, a memorable, densely structured piece consisting of strong instrumentals and overpowering vocals which has earned its place among gothic rock's lost, underappreciated treasures.

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