downy: Dune, Scatter. Persistence Of Vision

Japanese post rockers, downy, return with their first new album in almost four years. 第7作品集『無題』 (translates to Seventh Work, Untitled) is a milestone for the band, marking the time they step firmly past the twentieth year of their career, while it also becomes their first album after the loss of their guitarist.

"Dune, Scatter.Persistence Of Vision is a very important song to us, downy," band leader Robin Aoki remarks. "It’s the last one we made before the loss of Yukata Aoki, our guitarist, who passed away. His sound will continue to live on forever in this music."

The dark electronic elements in the band's sound, as well the existential qualities of their writing are fairly evident in both the song and the captivating black and white video that comes with it, directed by Yousuke Asada.

"The song represents the joy and sorrow of life and death," Robin Aoki continues. "With crossing rhythms, noise on the verge of collapse, and a melody that falls and blooms again, we’re trying to convey the message that life is not only breathing, it’s also leaving a permanent rut through creation."

Continuing resolutely with their enigmatic fusion of post rock, electronica and progressive rock, downy are moving forward doing well out of their rich experience, and turning life observations into influential art.

Video director Yousuke Asada

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