The Marshmallow Ghosts: S.O.S. (f/ The Casket Girls)

Graveface Records' The Marshmallow Ghosts return for the strong Halloween tradition that both their act and the label have established for many years. The Old Witch's Cavern features contributions from Casket Girls, Kid Dakota, Dreamend and more, it draws its title and concept from a modern, spooky true story, and comes as a delectable Halloween treat.

The Old Witch’s Cavern uses audio recordings from a long obsolete and burnt to the ground haunted house which operated in a small town outside Savannah, Georgia. The place was very well put together by “Freaky” Fred Crimpens in the early seventies to attract tourists. Local church groups and conservative townsfolk protested the attraction, while Crimpens received death threats, and suspected arson when his creation was destroyed from a fire. The man drowned in the Savannah River and his death was ruled a suicide.

Some of the strange recordings played in the haunted house tour, with radio DJ, Christine Peterson acting as the Old Witch, survived and resurface, now sampled in the new album by The Marshmallow Ghosts.

An eerie electronic rocker, S. O. S., carries all the qualities that make The Old Witch's Cavern an essential Halloween listen, and Casket Girls' Elsa Greene makes a spot on observation about the song's interconnection of fantasy and real life disorder: "S.O.S. Is about living inside your head. Where mild anxiety can morph into delusion. In the same space. Where imagination and 'reality' collide. Dreams can be just a real as waking life. Hence the anxiety... We are obsessed with Marshmallows and Ghosts and Ryan."


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