Tourists: Align

After a long break, partly attributable to the band's production process, as well as their conscious decision to take as much time as they needed in order to make their next endeavors sound exactly as they envisioned, Torquay indie rockers, Tourists, return with their first piece of new music in two whole years.

Align is a jangly and buoyant composite of power pop and shoegaze, showcasing the British five-piece at the crispest and most exhilarating they've every been, and emerging like a strong indication of what's about to follow. The song owes its impressive, expertly put together sound to Daniel Schlett of the Strange Weather Studios in Brooklyn whose work we've previously enjoyed through acts like The War On Drugs, The Men, Amen Dunes, DIIV and many others.

"[Align] follows the idea of somebody mastering their own inner spirit to command others," the band's own, Tom Wilkinson comments. "We feel this track really reflects our main musical influences - the deep-rooted post-punk element coupled with 80s synth/dark-pop. As we played it more it took on a life of its own, getting heavier with more dynamics, and a dramatic, driving ending."


Cover art by Owen Tozer

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