D//E Playlist: Scott Walker Goes To The Ball

Even in his teens, after his years as a child actor and singer, Scott Walker showed interest in something forward thinking and ahead of its time, that was the progressive jazz music of artists like Stan Kenton and Bill Evans. His own transition from pop icon to avant-garde pioneer and experimental musician might have taken a while to blossom and strengthen, still, it's that kind of growth which feels completely organic and seamless, and surely a remarkable one.

This fourteen track playlist explores Scott Walker as a master collaborator and a cutting edge, unconventional musician, beginning from the 1978 Walker Brothers album, Nite Flights, were the intentions to shift toward a different, more artful kind of sound became evident for the first time, and whose title track was later covered by the great David Bowie as a gesture of appreciation and respect. By the time Climate of Hunter and Tilt arrived, Scott Walker was a re-invented, rejuvenated and fascinating to follow artistic figure.

During the latter part of his career Walker wrote songs for Ute Lemper and Bat for Lashes, produced the last record by Pulp, delivered a mind-bending collaborative LP with Sunn O))), and evolved into an excellent film composer, having created scores for films like Pola X (not represented in the playlist, because it's not on Spotify), The Childhood of a Leader and most lately, Von Lux.

His most recent albums and EP, The Drift, And Who Shall Go to the Ball? And What Shall Go to the Ball?, and Bish Bosch were prime examples of his eccentric musicianship, and the last part of a legacy of a once in a lifetime kind of musician.

01. The Walker Brothers - The Electrician
02. David Bowie - Nite Flights
03. Scott Walker - Sleepwalkers Woman
04. Scott Walker - The Cockfighter
05. Ute Lemper - Scope J.
06. Pulp - Bad Cover Version
07. Bat For Lashes - The Big Sleep
08. Scott Walker - Cossacks Are
09. Scott Walker - Darkness
10. Scott Walker - Epizootics!
11. Scott Walker - And Who Shall Go To The Ball ? : 4th Movement
12. Scott Walker and Sunn 0))) - Brando
13. Scott Walker - Dream sequence
14. Scott Walker - Druggie

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