Conan: Vexxagon

Two years after the release of a very impressive third album that was Revengeance, Liverpool's Conan prepare to return with a new full length. From the first sounds of it, the intriguingly titled Existential Void Guardian finds the band able, eager and ready for battle.

Introduced by the seven-minute beast, Vexxagon, the British trio's new works sounds fiery, and carries the sharp production of the band's own Chris Fielding, and the mastering of James Plotkin (Khanate, OLD, Khlyst and many more).

Guitarist/vocalist, Jon Davis, describes the song: "Vexxagon is an examination of the end. A journey through time where no soul has gone before us. We travel beyond the gates of the dead, flame held aloft issuing cries of exaltation, singing hymns of victory, choosing bravery in the face of crippling fear. Cower before the Existential void."

Existential Void Guardian releases September 14th, 2018 via Napalm Records.


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