Thou: Rhea Sylvia

It's being a tireless and prolific 2018 for Louisiana heavy hitters, Thou, who are releasing a bunch of EPs this year, each of different styles and on different labels, leading up to the release their next studio album, Magus.

Rhea Sylvia which was just released on Deathwish Inc. explores a more grunge-influenced sound, while maintaining the great band's characteristic sludge/punk heaviness.

One of the EP's highlights is its closer, a surprising, welcome cover of a song by fellow Louisiana sludge masters, Crowbar. The Lasting Dose was originally part of Crowbar's 2001 album, Sonic Excess in Its Purest Form.

While anticipating more of Thou's unstoppable productivity, luxuriate in this wonderful bastardization of solid weightiness and despondency.

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