Mamaleek: The Recompense is Real

That weirdness that goes by the name Mamaleek and consists of two enigmatic figures, two brothers from the San Francisco Bay Area, has already come up with four full length albums, and is currently preparing for the release of their fifth.

The duo have recently made their first live appearance, marking an end to their era of anonymity, and their upcoming LP,  Out of Time is expected to be their most elaborate and auspicious work so far, while also being their first double album, presenting an entire hour's worth of the band's avant-garde spirit.

On Out of Time Mamaleek take their forward-thinking fusion of experimental black metal, shoegaze, darkwave and psychedelia to the next level, utilizing weird and obscure samplings that vary from obsolete advertisements to scraps of old pop tunes.

The six-minute oddity of The Recompense is Real emerges as an excellent specimen of Mamaleek's unconventional creative work, and as a fine harbinger for what is about to follow.

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