Bloody Knives: White Light Black Moon

Since 2009 Austin's ultra dark shoegazers, Bloody Knives, have been steadily building their reputation as one of the genre's most competent unsung bands. They have just released their fourth album, White Light Black Moon, a haunting fusion of shoegaze, post-punk and dark electronic sounds, dismal and sinister enough to fuel and score your most graphic nightmares.

Drenched in cathartic reverb, carrying out its throbbing, industrial-like rhythms, and wallowing in voluminous, hazy atmospheres, Bloody Knives' new album is immaculately produced from start to finish, and it offers an intricate and compelling listening experience, while it attests the band's commitment to the grittiness of their sound, but also their unequivocal growth as musicians. There are individual high spots among the album's eleven tracks, like the frantic single, New Machines, for which there is a trippy and hallucinatory accompanying video, however, White Light Black Moon is best experienced in its entirety, as a complete and undivided piece.

Whether White Light Black Moon is the best set of songs Bloody Knives have come up with thus far, is not easy to determine, only because this band has been very consistent throughout their a bit short of decade-long career. It is certainly a mind-altering, genre fusing, unconventional piece of work though, founded on the trio's cutting-edge dark vision and ability.

Bloody Knives is Preston Maddox, Jake McCown, Jack O’Hara Harris.

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