IV League: Superstar

Melbourne's IV League offer a picturesque fusion of power pop and grunge which in consequence hints on alternative rock sounds from the nineties, evocative of that era's garage pop and college rock dynamism.

Superstar is the first single unveiled from the band's debut EP, due out later in 2018, a tightly structured, dreamy song which exquisitely communicates IV League's confidence and auspiciousness. Expect the severity of sharp, grungy guitars and the accessibility of memorable pop hooks combined to a delightful blend.

IV League's frontwoman, Bella Venutti, says that the new song is about "feeling your potential bubbling beneath the surface, but not quite being able to harness what you believe you have to offer," and continues to deliver insight about its meaning and the inspiration behind it: "The word 'superstar' is something I have found to be recurrent in the work of so many artists that I admire, from Sonic Youth to Mazzy Star and even Oasis. It's a phrase that you don't hear thrown around very much in aspiration these days, and I love the old school connotation of the word."

The song's visual accompaniment is a super fun and cinematic video, vivid and colorful like the song, and it was written and directed by Meg Duncan.

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